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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, is not true when it comes to the current sophisticated world where beauty attracts the eyes of the onlooker. Queens Beauty parlour and Spa plays an unignorable part in maintaining health and beauty of people around. Beauty is not confined to mere look but a mixture of physical and mental vitality. Keeping this fact in mind we set our service by way of diet, proper exercise and meditation to get the best possible result. Queens has a professional service record of around 25 years and been one of the trustworthy destinations for a large web of contented clients since its inception in 1998. Queens Beauty parlour deals with services like face makeup, bridal makeup, earlobe treatment, eye makeup, hair makeup, etc. No matter what your requirement may be, Queens undertakes it and performs with next level perfection so as to fulfill your perception on beauty and style. We provide global treatment for your skin and hair apart from diamond polishing and pealing. It is needless to say that makeup is an intricate process of art with imagination and skill thereby making the success of such a firm a challenge without uniqueness in quality and sincereness in service. Efficacious and impeccable HD and 4K makeup is a peculiarity of Queens. These professional aspects gives Queens Beauty parlour a pride of place among a plethora of its satisfied clients across kerala. Grooming can be just a part of style and dressing for many, but for some others, it is an inevitable part to be dealt with professionally. As the saying 'dress makes a man' goes , one's makeup and style brings in a wonderful change and look to his personality altogether and Queens Spa has all such solutions and services for you.


Professional Bridal Makeup studio

Queens Beauty parlour, as known now, has a history of long journey of around twenty five years. Priya,  the founder and the chief makeup artist had a dream in the beginning that is fulfilled in the form of happy and beautiful brides. Priya's professional approach and insights helps Queens remain one of the favourite destinations of clients for their beauty and style requirements. Be the best in the industry is the policy of the founder and that is of course one of the factors behind the success of Queens Beauty parlour and Spa.